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Aeration & Overseeding

Royse Lawn Care offers services in this area to bring a sense of completeness to your lawn.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Proper fertilization is one of the most beneficial steps of care for your lawn and works wonders on your lawn.

Pest & Insect Control

Our Lawn & Pest Control services can help you care for your lawn while you spend time your family.



Royse Lawn Care offers services in this area to bring a sense of completeness to your lawn. This is such a critical process in lawn care and maintenance that it can play an instrumental role in making or breaking your lawn.

The type of grass your lawn has and different weather changes can lead to several challenges. In case of severe temperatures, lack of sunlight, unfavorable levels of humidity and other detrimental conditions, your lawn may suffer and all these conditions may impede your lawn’s road to health and productivity. Complicated weather conditions require a properly thought out and well-defined aeration and overseeding approach.

Re-seeding is required in case a specific grass type is unable to revive itself. We handle this like thorough professionals. Our chosen seed is topnotch and the lawn that will result from this will be rich, strong and resilient enough to bear tough conditions.
We combine traditional and innovative methods and equipment to carry out these tasks. This approach keeps us up-to-date in our procedures without letting go of ancient wisdom.

lawn fertilization

Fertilization in Madeira
Adding Life to your Lawn

Fertilization is one of the most beneficial steps of care for your lawn. Proper fertilization can work wonders for your lawn. Every lawn is different and its properties determine its specific fertilization requirements. We can expertly evaluate and respond to your lawn’s fertilization requirements. Our fertilization map will take the surrounding conditions, grass type and other factors into account to decide the required course of action. Our choice of nutrients will be the best for your lawn. Our fertilization process ensures that nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium will be offered to your lawn to make it more productive. Our detailed lawn fertilization plan will encompass a well thought out number of visits to keep fertilization as productive as possible.

A lawn is not just a piece of land and grass. It is a space with a heart and soul. The greener and healthier your lawn, the livelier it is! Fertilization and weed control done well can pave the way for this.

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Weed Control in Madeira

Weed Control: Helping your Lawn Get Rid of Unnecessary Issues.

Weeds can be the worst nightmare for your lawn’s health, prosperity and future. Weed control can be critical for the life of your lawn and save it from impending doom. Weeds can raise questions regarding a lawn’s well being and conditions. Weeds have a tendency of multiplying quickly, which is extremely detrimental to your lawn. This is where we can assist you to the best of our abilities. Royse Lawn Care will offer weed control in such a manner that those weeds will have to reluctantly bid adieu to your lawn.

Reactive Weed Control

With our detailed weed control plan, we will help you handle all kinds of weeds. From perennial weeds that have the potential to arrive reiteratively unless treated to warm-season weeds that pay a visit during summers, from cool-season weeds that make an appearance mostly during fall and spring to grassy weeds that need the same environment as your usual grass to prosper, and other types of weeds, we can treat them all. The weed problem can be temporary or permanent but we assure you that we will pay the required amount of attention to it to get rid of it. If you want a detailed explanation of how our weed program works or how dangerous weeds can be, please give us a call.

Preventive Weed Control

They say that prevention is better than cure. Our preventive/pre-emergent weed control plan can assist you in tackling weeds even before they make an appearance. Call now to take preventive measures to stop weeds from attacking your lawn or know more about this!

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