Kyle McCollough

Royse Lawn Care

Kyle Mccullough

Senior Technician

Kyle is a senior technician and has been with Royse Lawn Care since 2017. He has become highly knowledgeable in the industry and has one of the lowest service call complaints in the entire company. He pays attention to detail and does high-quality work. He is highly dependable and loyal, in fact, a few times we’ve had to force him to stay home and just be sick. We feel very lucky to have him here.

Outside of work Kyle is married to his wife Stacey and they have two children Aiden (14) and Sydney (12). They keep them very busy. Aiden is involved in baseball and loves playing video games and Syndey plays volleyball and has an active social life. Recently Kyle found a love for cruising and they took a family cruise this winter and are already
planning their next adventure. Kyle loves trying new recipes on his smoker and every year takes a vacation to enjoy the Brown County Fair. They have a dog named Maddie and he has an impressive fish tank with fish and coral that he has been working on also.