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Grub control:

There are 2 different types of grub control available. We have a preventative grub control. This is applied starting around june. This chemical stays in the ground long enough so that when the grubs emerge and start feeding on your lawn they feel full, quit eating and die. This is the most effective grub control as it keeps your lawn from being damaged.  The other is a post emergent. After the grubs have came up and torn the lawn up, this can be applied to kill the grubs and allow you the time to do all the necessary repairs to your lawn.

Perimeter Pest Control
Perimeter pest control is the process where we spray a band around the entire perimeter of your homes foundation to keep insects from coming into your home. This is a 4 treatment plan, and unlike many other companies there is NO contract.

Mosquito control
Enjoy the outdoors this summer without getting bit by mosquitos. Mosquito treatments are good for 60 days unlike the competitors who have to retreat ever 21 days. Timed right you can get by with 2 treatments, this is a huge savings over our competitors. 

Flea & Tick control
Flea and tick control is highly recommended if you have pets or kids and/or live near a woods. We recommend 4 treatments per year to keep the lawn free of fleas and ticks.

We recommend that you have your lawn aerified every 2-3 years. In our area we have a high amount of clay in our soil. Aeration helps your soil from getting so compacted which allows for deeper root growth, and that helps with overall health of plants.

Slice seeding:
Slice seeding is done in the fall. This is the optimum time for seeding your lawn. We use a slice seeding machine which allows us to cut small grooves in your soil and seed dropped into those slices. This allows for the best germination of seed rate, and is far superior to seed mulches and other quick growth seeds as seen on tv.
Winter overseeding:
This is the 2nd best time to seed your home lawn. The freezing and thawing of the soil in February allows the seed to make its way just beneath the surface of your soil. By doing this you still receive a good germination rate. This is recommended to be done in shady areas of your lawn every year. This is also a very easy thing you can do yourself, and you can feel more than welcome to call or email us and ask for tips and suggestions of where to go and buy seed and what type of seed to use.

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